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To me 1LE owners are not getting any shaft. They are getting what may be the best performance bargain on the planet. While the new Z28 will be a little faster, owners will pay dearly for that extra kick.

Also to me the 1lE is a more pure performance oriented name than Z28. While the first 3 years of the Z28 was related to racing, most Z28 models were just the V8 Camaro and the 1LE was the racing Z28 model. So 1LE > Z28 in those years.

And only people in the know knew what the 1LE was. They did not need badges, they just wanted a car with the good stuff and were willing to live without some of the creature comforts of the plusher luxury Z28.

And while Nav, Sunroof, and all the other electronic goodies may not fit the 1LE idea, it is very cool they left off 1LE badges. The 1LE has only ever been the HiPo Camaro and the owners of 1LEs belong to a select club. Lots of people had Z28s. I've owned 2 of them.
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