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Originally Posted by JSC81 View Post
Well almost three years later and I have the front end noise. It has always had the clunk while say backing out of the driveway with the wheels turned over a bump. That I can live with but as of yesterday I hear what everyone has been upset about. Low speeds over slightly rough or refinished black top and she shows her ugly face. Sounds like the whole front end is going to fall out. My suspension is original and my only mods are exhaust and a CAI. Originally I thought just maybe my exhaust was hitting the brace again which I just put some washers in there to provide more clearance. I removed it and tested so it is the coming from the front suspension on an otherwise stock 2010 SS with 43,000 miles on it.

Has there been any recent resolve?
Like I said previously my 2010 coupe had it, at times the whole front end would vibrate and you could feel it in the steering wheel. I now have almost 8,000 miles on my 2012 convertible with no issues with any clunking. It may have to do with the strut tower brace, or other changes made to the convertible to stiffen the chassis. So far I am very satisfied.
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