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Originally Posted by 572HP View Post
Good job on the write up!

One note on the power resistors...

These are required so that the BCM does not sense that the bulb is burned out. Without them, the car will display an error as well as blink quickly.

The heat sink for these resistors are not needed. That is because almost no current is going through these when the blinker is off. When the blinker is illuminated, current does flow through. Since the blinkers are on and off, and usually only for a short duration, these resistors will rarely even become warm. My suggestion is to hide them however you can.

Any additional details on how you got the middle wire to stay contacted with the bulb wire inside the connector?
You know what, I thought about that after. I was like, they arent going to get hot because no one drives around with their blinker on all the time. Either way, the aluminum plates made for an easier installation. But maybe I will hide them better the next time im messing around in the engine bay.

Actually I just matched the drill bit up a tad smaller to the wire I was using and shoved it in there, It was a really snug fit, I was planning on adding silicone but I couldnt even pull the wire back out when tugging on it. I taped everything back up with electrical tape. And I used a big enough wire, and left enough extra in the channel that it made a good connection.

I wiggled everything around and all of my connections were tight. On my old car I usually put a bit of solder when I spliced connections, or used real connectors, but I didnt have time last night.

One thing thats weird, is that if you look at the blinker light harness, its actually two pieces. ALmost a mounting piece for the bulb (which has three working poles/contacts) and then the wiring harness that plugs on to that.

So it isnt like I thought before, you arent just trying to get a piece of wire to touch the little lead on the bulb, it is in a female slot, and the bulb mounting piece has the male end, so when they get shoved and locked together theres nowhere for the wire to go.

Just use a decent sized wire. Also thanks man, couldnt have done it without you
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