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Okay, I've updated the post in the LFX dyno thread. We have several pulls now (>25) and it is consistently hitting that 500-502 RWHP on 60% duty cycle for the boost controller (between 15 and 16 psi). On their dyno, STD seems to read the closest to what you expect based on stock flywheel numbers and correcting for loss, but hey I'm happy with the SAE numbers. This should go up a bit when we start putting some vacuum to it (running no vacuum at all right now).

The E85 tune is probably going to be a bust. The ZL1 pump looks like it is having no problems keeping up, but the good ol' HPFP can't do it. Even running 9 psi we can't keep the fuel rail pressure up. So, on to the next steps.

1) Finish the crankcase evac system and finalize the 93 octane tune
2) A race gas tune
3) Alignment so she'll squat and go again
4) Street tune to make sure we don't have boost spikes, shift points are good and no power being pulled with a hard lauch.

She's almost there folks.

Take a bit of time to think about this. We doubled the HP (and probably the TQ as well) without head work or a cam. Most of the rotating assembly is stock, and we aren't close to maxing the turbos out. We may be close to maxing the HPFP out, though. The tune is pretty conservative. Aaron even put some mics on the block and listened for knock and there was none. It can probably take some more timing without issue. It will definitely take some more on race gas.
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