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Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
I will definitely document the feedback into our database for all departments of GM to access. What do you like most about the 1LE?

Chevrolet Customer Service
  • Handling. Switched back to American car from German car b/c of the handling.
  • Dual Mode Exhaust - didn't want to monkey with aftermarket exhausts any more. Love that it's OOTB (out of the box)
  • Gearing - had an 84 Z28 with similar gearing. That made me believe the 1LE would be faster than the SS.
  • Wheels - I loved the ZL1 wheels and really like the magnetic suspension. But I didn't want to spend $60K on a Camaro. Nothing against the Camaro but upper 30s to mid 40s sounded right in comparison to what Ford is doing.
  • Half Shafts - I think this relates to handling.
  • ZL1 Backports - the fact several ZL1 options were backported to the SS and/or revamped for the SS was key.
  • Styling - What a beautiful car. I say to my wife, "This car is like an event. It's an event to look at. And it's an event to drive it." In other words, it's captivating, requires attention, and brings pleasure.

  • BlueTooth/Airplay - Airplay from iOS doesn't work straight away. A workaround is described in the manual but there shouldn't need to be a workaround. I have to turn iPhone Airplay speakerst to iPhone then back to "Camaro" (what I named the 1LE) and then the audio comes. I'm used to just tapping BT on my dash and, voila!, having sound from iPhone on the stereo.
  • Locks for Trunk/Doors - should be ONE button to lock and unlock everything. This means a seperate trunk button. Maybe I'm too used to my old Audi but the workflow is so much easier. You unlock the car the trunk is unlocked but not opened. You lock the car and the trunk locks.
  • Interior Lighting - I have to reflect the dome light off my hand to see the UI controls (eg: garage door buttons, light switch) when parking the car at night or use my iPhone Light app. It'd be nice if the buttons were lit up and it'd be super easy to find them and tap on them.
  • PLASTIC - I really don't like the plastic speedo/tach bezels and instrument cluster bezels. Something could be refined here. And I'm not a fan of the 2SS plastic door panels.
  • Lug Nuts - Don't know why they are silver with the hot black wheels. ;-)
  • Tail LIght Bezels - the chrome has got to go. You have a black theme going on.
  • MyLink Apps - everything should work through BlueTooth Streaming. Currently some apps (eg: Pandora and Stitcher) require a USB connection.
  • Cup Holders/Shifter/SmartPhone Placement & Location - it's really hard to find a comfy place to put the smart phone and safely drive AND plug the smartphone into the USB. If some of the MyLink apps didn't require USB connectivity then you could have more freedom to mount the smartphone elsewhere and tether it to the DC charger.
  • Rear Fuse Box Access - There should be a door on the felt paneling to get in/out of there more easily.
  • Owner's Manual - It's obtuse and overwritten. So many sections refer you to another section. I've found cases where you're looking for the information "X" and you start at page-A, you're told to go to page-B then page-C to find X. Odd. I'm glad there's a PDF searchable option. This should be an app on the MyLink too. All service requirements and schedules should appear on MyLink based on your odometer reading. Take what's on the web and present it to the user in MyLink.
  • Hill Assist - make it an option, please.
  • Skip Shifter - I hope I'm not in an accident b/c of this. It's highly frustrating and dangerous.
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