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Dealer Name: Servco Auto Windward
Dealer location:45-467 Kaneohe Bay Dr, Kaneohe, HI
Dealer phone number:(808) 564-1490
Dealer website:

Just spoke with these guys about the new Camaro's a few minutes ago as well.
When the topic of price came up, they said they would in fact be selling the new Camaro's at MSRP, and mentioned the other dealerships that they thought would be selling them above MSRP.

One of those dealerships i confirmed as one that will be selling above MSRP, the other the salesguy was generally clueless about it.

The good thing about Servco is that after looking through their online inventory they do not appear to have a Hawaii dealers markup.
It's a common thing out here, and the last 3 new vehicles i bought i wound up getting them from the mainland and having them shipped out here due to it.
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