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Homelink (console): 92235696 (Color - Black)

I received a call today that the console that I ordered was in.

I picked up the part and it sure enough did have the Homelink transmitter.

When I arrived home, I removed the existing console (4 snaps and two screws [behind the dome light]).

I found that there was NO wiring harness connection for the Homelink unit. It seems the 1SS wiring harness is feature specific and if the Homelink unit is not included in the car at the factory the harness does not include a connector for it. It's a flat edged connector as well making it even more fun to connect.

I identified the 12 volt power and ground connectors on the homelink unit (took some serious examination of the circuit board. I soldered on two wire leads to the connector leads coming out of the homelink unit. I wired up the 12 volt side to a switched power lead that is present in the mirror harness (which runs right by this area / pink wire next to green wire on the car side of the mirror connector) and I placed a fuse in the wire lead to make sure I didn't blow anything.

About 1 hours later I have a 1SS with a Homelink transmitter in it. Since it's using a switched 12 volt power lead, it only works with the ignition switch is on, but that's not really a problem.

What fun that was!!

The status of the 50-GENK6A mirror install is that Mito Corp is now creating a wiring harness that will connect the mirror to the GM harness connector. After I inquired about the wiring "issue", the found out that many of the current GM vehicles are using the new style wiring and this was a task they needed to go through anyway to make their mirrors compatible with current GM vehicles. More on this part of this topic next week....

Here are some pictures of the console

Pic 1) Part Number label on box for the new console with Homelink transmitter

Pic 2) Rear view of new console (Homelink in lower left corner)

Pic 3) Close up of the homelink portion of the console (connector near my thumb in the picture) - Ground = Connector near center, 12 volt = left most connector

Pic 4) Front view of console section with homelink buttons

I hope that helps someone else!


I'm willing to be responsible for the changes I make to my Camaro, but I only offer this as information that you can use at your own risk.
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