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Originally Posted by sappy View Post
I have everything already wired for the switchbacks. I bought what I thought were switch backs awhile ago but turned out just to be white while running and blinking... I'm in the military and I got a load of bs every time I would go to base. I'm thinking that as long as they signal amber and run white I will be fine? If anyone knows the law for WA I would be grateful as the MA's on base have nothing better to do and would love paper proof so they stop trying to assert there "base" authority lol
Im not sure of particular laws. But I cant see a reason the way I have mine configured would be illegal.

They are white (not an illegal color for the front of the car) running all the time. And they blink JUST amber when blinking (they dont alternate amber/white like some out there).

So I dont see an issue. Lots of cars have white, blue, or even amber running lights on the front of the car.
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