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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Lucky dawg. I love the new Vette! I wish I could afford to get one myself. IT"S A BEAST! BETTER THAN I had hoped it would be.
Paul, it's left me breathless since yesterday when it was unveiled. I bet if you add up all your mods you'd be right there in the ballpark. Still have plenty of time for actual release.

Originally Posted by IBM camaro View Post
If someone would buy my car for 25k I'd have this car as soon as its out now ima have to wait a year but this is my next car
Well IBM it probably won't hit the lots till Sept or Oct, so you have plenty of time amigo!

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
i know the new vette looks sick and badass but there can only be one Kronix camaro unless you're gonna start another build with that C7 .
P, Ryne Cunningham from Cunningham Motorsports has an allocation in also, and he's the one Vette GURU of the West Coast, so you know we already threw around some ideas The body itself is flawless!!

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
if i were there i'd buy your whip in a heartbeat J ,you're car is so badass that everytime i look at it i drewl bro .
Well P, we shipped the rims & tires over there, you could get a nice chunk for your car from some American Muscle lovers over there, then we could ship mine over, all barely broken in with 2300 miles
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