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So finished painting my valve covers in IOM!!!! I think they look awesome! I can't wait to install them. The passanger side valve cover is a little lighter than the driver side but I used two diff techniques painting them. And you won't even be able to tell once they are installed on the car.

Here is the passenger side one done:

And the driver side with my Rx breather (tried using simple green to clean the oil off the filter part and got some off, still leaning to changing the filter to black)

And here they are both. In this pic you can kinda see how the passenger side is a little bit lighter than the driver side.

(o in this pic you can also see the rear bowtie I painted haha)

Now the reason the passenger side valve cover is lighter is because I originally used Chevrolet Orange engine paint and then realized it was too light so I hit it with a couple of layers of IOM. But for the driver side I decided to hit it with a primer engine paint and then I hit it with IOM paint.

I am so excited to install these and see how they go with everything else!

The next thing I need to figure out before re-installing these covers is I want to make the bolts that put it on to be black except there is a little bit of a problem, they are standard bolts. They look like this:

Now I can remove the rubber thing and it looks like I will need to buy some black insert washers? and black bolts which wouldn't be too bad. The only problem is I can't pull out the bolt from the washer so I have no idea how to go about switching them for black ones.
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