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Originally Posted by Z284ever View Post
Ride height seems quite abit lower than the other cars we've seen. Wonder if that's the actual height or from the suspension compressing in these dynamic shots.

Anyways, this one is my favorite pre-pro so far.
Mine too! I can just hear the roar as it flys by........

Some of the seems to me that one side of the car is MUCH higher off the ground that previous pics, and the other side seems like it is much lower. Mayve that's what you're seeing?

Originally Posted by BIGREDZ View Post
Off subject: Does anyone know if a Z/28 badge in in the trim levels or is it just the SS badge with different levels of equipment? I know there hasn't been an offical work yet but any educated speculation(sp?) would be great.

Educated Speculation says Z28 will be the limited numbers, GT500 killer. Search the forums here, you'll find A LOT about this.
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