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Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
Cool pics. The showroom pics have that baby gleaming! Mine was filthy after several days of rain and a cinder road. Wife thinks I'm goofy for washing it in the dark but it had to be done and it's the first chance I got.
Dude...washing in the dark was done quite a bit down here in Texas for me. It gets so hot on the black car that when you run the water over the hood, it immediately starts drying off...and the water leaves spots. You end up having to wash it again. So, wash it in the dark in a cooler setting is the best way to go down here....and it's going to be 100 again tomorrow....UGH!
Originally Posted by KarFan View Post
Wow looks great! Bumblebee stripes in silver really set off the look of the car.

Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
Thanks for the comments, guys! Keep em coming, good or bad.

Waiting on my GFX package. No Idea when that will be here............
You know...I think I need to make the GFX work. I have to figure this out. I really want them.
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