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Originally Posted by DCJ View Post
So close but looks like each one was one option Man I wish I liked the Sunroof and I would be in the business. The first dealer you told me about....the one I bought my 2LT from has both the Silver and Cyber coming with Vins already assigned but with Sunroofs. Maybe I should settle get it with a sunroof.

What are your thoughts on the roof. Did you consider one without or was it never a option. At first I wanted the sunroof but went ahead and got my 2LT and now realized I liked having no sunroof since the roof as a different design and the glass actually pops up instead sliding and staying hidden like my moonroof on my Yukon.

my thoughts are i like the sunroof i ordered mine with it!! I dont see why people are so worried about the reverse mowhawk the only time thats really gonna be important is if you take your car to the track (which most people dont do anyways) but its up to you i really like the sunroof because when you cruising down a busy street in town (espicially during the summer when itsa 100 degrees lol) or your crusing along the strip at the beach with all the windows down and the sunroof open it looks cool!!! but its your opinion on the roof i like it though!!!
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