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One thing to check out before buying in the US is the Warranty. I was going to buy in the US and contacted GM to see if the Warranty would be repected in Canada. They said the car had to be six months old before they would do any work under warranty. they also said that any car bought in the US would have to have the gauges ie speedometer changed to reflect KPH however with the camaro you just have to set the computer to metric so no problem. Another advantage of buying in the US would be that when you bring it across the border and have to pay your fedral sales tax you get the $800 taken off if you have been in the US for 48 hours or more before they calculate wht you owe in tax You will however have to pay an RIV fee (around $250)and you will have to send proof that all recalls have been completed on the vehicle to RIV and will have to get an RIV inspection done as well. It is a bit of paperwork but not too much of a hassle. (RIV= registry of imported vehicles)
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