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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Well...finally got the car back on the ground today.

I put it up on jack stands on New Years to do the brakes. Had my Hawk brake pads....decided I might as well not cut corners and turn the rotors. Yeah....I knew it had to be done, but wasn't too excited about having to run out....again.

Well, no one would turn them. Apparently, when you autocross...ahem, much as we have and drive just a bit harsher, they tend to wear out a bit quicker. Like 40k miles quicker.

So. No one would turn them. Prices....have you seen prices for new GM rotors??? So I look for aftermarket. Not too bad. Oh well. then I find OEM for $350 from one of our forum sponsors...MJM Autohaus. He put in the order for them. I left the car in the air.

Got them today. Put them on. FINALLY....and now? Thunderstorms. Oh well...I just can't win. Drove it down the street and back up to put it right back into the garage.
well if'n it makes you feel any better, Eve's been strapped to a trailer for 2 weeks straight now. even now that we've moved into the house up here, i ended up just spraying all the blizzard crap off at a car warsh & then backed the whole trailer/car combo into the garage & that's where it's just gonna have to sit for a little while :(

i just unbolted the fender to get the door open & unload our crap from it. one of these days, i might get around to taking the car off.
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