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I am having sort of the same problem. I have had my car a little over a month. about a week in, my check engine light came on, saying service stablility tract,m except my car does not act weird at all, the light seems to randomly come on and off. I took it in and they told me they couldnt find anything wrong, except when they shook the key around in the ignition a bit, the light would come on and off. They suggested taking everything off the key ring and only have the key to the car. it seemed to fix the problem...for a week and a half, it is coming on again. Also for 3 mornings in a row when I started it up to go to work, the speedometor was at zero, and would kick in about 2 miles down the road. Related problems? Any possibility this could be related to the cold? Or just something with the wiring?

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