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I am a hardcore track car guy, and I've loved my Mustangs for a long time now. I've also somewhat prided myself on being a track enthusiast and not a Mustang enthusiast; four wheels and an engine, baby !!! So, when Chevy introduced the 2013 1LE Camaro, I have to admit, it is awesome and puts Mustangs to shame (although we have to wait for the IRS-equipped 2015 Mustang ). Nevertheless, I dig this new 1LE Camaro and I think I'm gonna make the big switch from Ford to Chevy...Mustang to Camaro! In the end, the 1LE Camaro is the better car,...clearly! I have two questions. It seems there's not a ton of head room in the Camaro; this is a problem for wearing a helmet at the track. Any tall drivers out there have problems with a helmet at the track? Two, are the ZL1's front brakes available from Chevy?
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