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Prequel to a Camaro Project

As I am currently driving a Formula, I don't have the Camaro I want to build right now, but I'm trying to figure out what it would take to build the car I want at, of course, the lowest possible price. The Navy doesn't pay me enough to be too ambitious. This is where I will assemble my thoughts until I decide to buy a Camaro to build. I am planning on going with the lowest possible bidder on the parts I want. Vendors are more than welcome to participate in this thread and even contribute their lower priced parts for consideration.

Any feedback or recommendations are always more than welcome. You guys always have good ideas. That's why I love this place.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS A6 VR

GM Heritage Grille (92208704)
—from GM Parts House; unpainted, like a boss
Unrestricted Motorsports Dovetail Spoiler
—direct from Unrestricted Motorsports, consider the stock one for sale
Street Scene lower grille with ducts (950-85224)
SLP blackout kit (100044A)
—best deal is a tie between LM Performance and Summit Racing
Fog Lights at Night Harness
—Gen5DIY allows for use of fogs at night
VHT Niteshades tint spray
—expect a DIY thread on tail lights and side markers sometime in the future
Lemans stripes (vendors, talk to me)
black lightweight rims
—would probably trade RS rims for 1LE if anyone wants them
functional mail slot
—a Gen5DIY project
more aggressive rear diffuser than stock
—something I may consider, but not sure yet, been talking to 2SSRS
MRT Louver
—at the posted price is prohibitively expensive, but will consider eventually

dash light DIY1 or dash light DIY2 using these parts
ABL door mod DIY
Remin Real Carbon Fiber dash kit
—best price appears to be CarID

1LE strut tower brace (22756880)
—planning on purchasing as part of a large order from patrickt at GM Parts House
1LE 3.91 gears (22813040)
—no link available, but plan on purchasing with other GM parts through patrickt
Stainless Power Headers with High-Flow Catalytic Converters
—Auto Agenda is the place to go
Stainless Works Catback Exhaust
—Auto Agenda and I have been talking
conservative tune that I can take nationwide (vendors, talk to me)
VMAX throttle body
—coming from JDP Motorsports
LSXr intake manifold
—coming from JDP Motorsports with all upgrades available in the very distant future
VaraRam Tune Intake
—based on the heat transfer properties of plastics versus steel, it is undesirable to have metal as the intake material if possible; someone give me an awesome price
GM 1LE track package suspension components (23102311)
—plan to do this purchase through GM Parts House, but I have a link for the sake of sharing here
LS3 CNC-Ported Heads (88958758)
—would like to order from GM Parts House again, but will depend on price

Enkei Raijin 18" Wheels
fiberglass quarters
fiberglass doors
fiberglass trunk
fiberglass hood
Xplod 10" sub and 300W amp
10" sub box (vendors, talk to me)
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