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Here is a good one... not a Camaro but...

I bought a brand new 2007 black Corvette in March 2007. Took delivery on a rainy night b/c was too excited to wait till the next day and have them detail it. I took it home, put it in the garage and washed it myself only to find the ENTIRE car covered in overspray. Not a little bit, a ton of it. All body panels, windows, lights, everywhere. I called the dealer the next day. No one could figure out how it got there. They looked at it and offered me a paint protector... WHAT? I said no thanks, I want what is on there off, not more crap piled on top of it. When you rubbed your hand on it, it felt like sand paper. They offered me to take it to a professional of my choice to have it removed so i took it to a shop I heard was "preofessional" and expressed my concerns about scratches, swirls and burnt corners from the buffer. They said they would clay bar it then buff and wax it. I got the "We just clayed and buffed a new Z06 in black so you have nothing to worry about"... blah blah blah.

I am still fighting with the swirls and they didn't scratch it too bad and they only burnt off a little bit of paint. All in all it looks really good when cleaned up, I spent 8 hours on it this weekend but it is not as it should be IMO. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have returned it and got a new one. It is not a low VIN.

I am done with black... for good.

As for the OP and my change, return it. Will a low VIN really mean anything? Youre 1500 cars in, not 3.
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