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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
Ha!! Sounds good!! We like converts...

With the seat full on the floor, and the seat back reclined some so the head-rest doesn't bump into the helmet's back...I have plenty of room, and I'm 6'0"...Dunno how tall you are. If you want to race even just a few times I'll definitely recommend AGAINST a sunroof...takes up valuable head room for helmets...

The ZL1 brake parts aren't offered (I think) as a performance package from Chevy racing...but there are vendors on this site that can look up part numbers and place orders for everything you'd need to duplicate the 6-piston Brembo system.
Hey, thanks for the reply. And, yeah, I never do sunroofs, I just hate 'em!

I am 6'2" and usually like a pretty upright and close-to-the-wheel position. I am worried I just may not fit well. I'll have to take my helmet to the Chevy dealer and just sit in an SS and try it.
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