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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
I've added these notes for myself about the RCS options for the 1LE based on the manual. I found the paragraphical form too hard to remember. Read your manual due to all the warnings. These options are for experienced track racers:

Three Ride Control Settings:
  1. Traction Control System (TCS)
  2. StabilTrak System
  3. Competitive Driving Mode

Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Limits wheel spin.
  • Uses engine and brakes to control spin during acceleration. All driving speeds. Maximum driver control.
  • Signals throttle to reduce drive wheel torque.
  • Applies brakes during acceleration in certain conditions (e.g.: pavement to ice).
  • Turn off when stuck in sand, mud, snow, deep snow, loose gravel to assist a lower speeds.

StabilTrak System
  • Electronic stability control.
  • Assists with directional control of vehicle.
  • Activated when computer senses a discrepancy between intended direction and vehicle's actual direction.
  • Applies pressure at any one of brakes to help vehicle steer to the intended direction.

Competitive Driving Mode
  • Allows increased performance while accelerating and/or cornering.
  • Regulates and optimizes the engine, brakes and suspension performance.

Launch Control
  • Available with Competitive Driving Mode
  • Achieve high levels of vehicle acceleration in a straight line.
  • Form of Traction Control that manages wheel spin when launching.

Here's how to leverage these systems by turning them OFF/ON:

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Thank you for the reminders and the information on these systems. It definitely benefits the community.

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