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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
I would hesitate on the solid bushings unless you do not mind extra noise and harshness. But they are effective. To me a bushing upgrade is more effective than the LG brace. It will also help with rear step out. I also understand a wheel alignment change can help reduce the hop.

Even after all that you can still have hop in cold weather with TC off and if you overwhelm traction control. But in warm weather with TC off you should be good.
well I had an 07 Z06 and they are solid bushed and the ride was not bad so I am not sure I am that worried about that side of it. does pedders have a video like pfadt showing defelection? I would love to see the difference. very hard durometer tranmist as well.

every contact point is isolated again if you think about. diff, crontol arms, trainling arms, toe rods, etc are all bushed. it is obviouly going to ride a tad rougher in certian situations but I am not sure that is bad if the cusion is you rear subframe moving.

maybe I should wait for a warmer day. in my Z06 I had wheel hop and it pissed me off. in my last mustang I had MM spherical control arms and subframe connectors. zero hop under any condition. it was just erased.

if you think about a solid frame car the body is isollated but the front and rear are connected. that is why I was considering some solutions like that that connect the two.
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