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Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
So he sent me a better picture. Still hard to see cause its a crappy cell picture but basically its half of what i originally wanted and half of what you guys were saying would look good.

Basically he followed the concept of the Ports with the thin line going through the middle. He only painted the front edge of the lower lip orange and all of the rest of the center black. so i guess it could be best of both worlds but not sure. If i dont like it he would have to paint the whole bumper over again so there are no lines. Ill have to test it on the car, but i think it will look good.

Whatcha think?
You were right, as its literally half of what we where thinking and half of your idea, ha-ha. The way it sits is unique, as nobody has thought about following the same idea with the think line just like the ports. I think I like it though as it still provides a low level look due to the small orange paint at the bottom of the splitter. I think you should keep it, especially if it looks good once you get it on the car. That'll be the clincher, as you'll know if it's what you like or not. It looks badass though man. It is the best of both worlds. It's turning out awesome man!
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