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Originally Posted by joeybsyc View Post
Just wait... the end of the month is coming up soon and they will call you back with a better deal if they haven't sold the 1LE yet and know you're hot on it. I wouldn't take 20 grand for your car either though. That's like saying the 1LE is worth twice as much as your car, and we both know that ain't true. You have a nice car there, don't give it away.
Agree 100% with everything said if you don't hear back, then you could beef up the suspension yourself with aftermarket but you'll have to ask yourself how will those upgrades be paid for and then when you are tempted to trade up again, are or will you accept the loss on it. IMHO, I think you should hold on to the car and wait for the 6th gen and start saving. Plus that will make momma happy
Oh, one more thing, Thank you for your service
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CAFE STANDARDS! Get used to them or vote our electeds in Washington out of office...........

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