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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
I agree that a dyno tune is the best way to go, but dang sounds like your experience with the IPF tune was horrible.

You lost power and significant MPGs?? Just curious, but did you even work with them to correct it? Also you said a tune written for a test car at a certain altitude and temp may not work for another car at a different location...which is correct, but I was told by IPF and an IPF dealer that they ask for your location and altitude before writing the tune for that makes no sense.

Not arguing with you, but it seems like something just wasn't right in this case.
KMPrenger, it is relatively simple here on what happened to me and I am not a very Happy Camper with IPF, as I talked with them on my getting this tune, which at the time was supposedey for my car specific to my car and location, as well as the modifications I have made to it, as I thought, WRONG! I took my car to the Dyno and was not happy with the results, as the car makes more power stock , verses what the IPF tune was supposed to give me, but it was in reverse, meaning the car literally fell on its face with less horsepower, than what it would normally make with the stock tune, which we could not Dyno, because I did not have it at that time to reinstall. After I got out of the Dyno and heading back home, after literally throwing away $100 on gas and 3 pulls on the Dyno, I went back to the guy that installed the Tune in to my car and asked him to please remove it and reinstall my factory tune, in which he did! The car immediately ran 100 % better right away by just going back to the Factory Tune!

Further, I immediately called IPF the very next day to talk to Jesse the Sales Manager representing IPF and all I got out of 4 different telephone calls to them that day was an Answering Machine. I left the messages and have not recieved a call back since then! It has been a week and a half and still no return phone call back to me! Sadly to say, I have no idea what is going on at IPF, as I was told that they would be closed down for Snowmobile Season and I guess that is more important, verses taking care of perspective Customers!

As for myself, I do not do business that way, as I run an Online Business myself and I am available 24-7 and I Never Miss any calls from my customers! So go figure! My previous post explaining about these So-called Off The Shelf Tunes are exactly what they are and they Will Not work in our cars in South Florida, or any where else in the continental US, unless the tunes are Explicitly Written for the Altitude and Ambient Temperature, Octane Available either 91 or 93 octane, plus including any modifications performed on the car at the time of the tune! You Do Not install a Tune somene has written for vehicle in Arizona and install it into your car in Florida, as it will not perform, unless it is specific to your vehicle and the other Perils previously mentioned! NO Exceptions!

I have been doing this myself professionally for the past 15 years and My Tuner works with me on the examples I have just posted, before the tune or Handheld Tuner Programmer is used to Upload the Correct Tune into the customers car! No, I do not have any tunes for our LLT or LFX Engines at this time, but I am working with 2 well known companies to come up with these tunes, readily available for whomever wants them and previously programmed for the Climate in which you live, plus the Octane available in your area and the Modifications performed on your vehicle.

There are other Professional Tuners in here that use other Tuning Devices that do work on our cars, regardless as to the LLT or LFX Engine designation, but I am sure they will make themselves present if they want to further increase their Tuning Customer Base! Until then, it is a catch twenty two type situation! I have been seeking a Professional Tuner and he is coming to Florida in March and am going to get a Dyno Tune for my 2012 Camaro RS LFX Engine equipped and I will be set, as I do not contemplate modifying it anymore than it is already!

Hope this clears up whatever doubts you may have about any tuning available for your vehicle, as NOTHING is better than a Full Dyno Tune, as living in Florida or any place else, you need to have it tuned to your Climate and Engine Modifications, period!
Regards, wyd_trkr
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