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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
We didn't do anything with it because the thread and replies really didn't go anywhere. We had a handful of yes's, but nothing that really pushed us to say, "let's go for it!"

I'm waiting on some art from Joe (aka Dragoneye, aka Mr Wyndham) which just "might" contain some 1LE work.
Well considering that there were less than 50 owners at the time the thread was started I guess the 5 or 6 or so who spoke up wasn't enough?

There is a ton of money being left on the table with this group. I am positive that the 1LE crowd as a group mod more than any other. I am not aware of a single stock 1LE on this site. There may be one but everyone that comes to mind that has had the car for at least a week has done something to it already. Many have the parts WAY before the car shows up.

If I wouldn't be breaking the law I'd have 100 1LE shirts printed and sold by the end of the month I'm sure.
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