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Originally Posted by Bucci View Post
Incredible price to power ratio!

How reliable will a system like this be over time?

Could it be considered for a daily driver?
Originally Posted by martyhalmi View Post
I need to get $6k

And I'd also like to know if this would be suitable for a DD
I want anyone concearned about these kits for Daily Driving to stop worrying!

My wife put over 10k miles on our last Camaro with the higher end kit and she has never been down a track EVER!

When I was teaching my daughter how to drive, she drove the car with no issues and I would feel comfortable driving the car across country.

I never had an overheating issue, I always ran the AC, I didn't have ANY drivability issues and until I stepped on the gas you couldn't hardly tell it was there (that was by design for my wife)

This kit is the reason I bought a Camaro... when I was watching them do the R&D on the first one of these kits I told them "you guys are going to make me buy a Camaro" and sure enough I did, and I put the kit on.

Entry level or high end version these kits are better than you can imagine and the quality and reliablity are amazing!

If you are on the fence, call the shop and schedule a ride along with me in mine (when the weather gets better) you won't be sorry!
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