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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
This is definitely interesting

Please make a VIDEO REVIEW. Key word. VIDEO lol
I don't really see how I could make a video review on this as of yet. Only thing I can see is using the Torque app to read the knock.
Originally Posted by dcoates18481 View Post
This stuff is the bees knees!!
i use a little in the fuel just to ensure the octane is where it needs to be, or when i can't get 93.
also my bikes were designed for 95 or better and they LOVE it!
but you really need to be tuned for octane anything other than 93 to get the full effect.
great insurance for sprayed mills...
Yeah I kind of figured this. I'm tuned for 93 and Meth so figured I would see the benefits. I will post the findings.
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