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So after I spent a bit of time seeing how much timing you can get into a ZL1 ON E-85 as compared to a ZL1 ON 93 Octane I have come to realize that E-85 WORKS GREAT FOR THESE 1.9 LITER BLOWER CARS!

With the 2.38 pulley and the LSA Blower spinning 21,300 rpm at 6500 the boost with stock 4 catalytic converters,stock 2.5" exhaust,stock cam,ADM Ported Blower Snout,LS3 Throttlebody,ADM Street Intake makes an averge of 14.7 psi boost.

Peak Torque is at 14.93 psi at 3800 rpm
Peak Power is at 14.72 psi at 5900 rpm
Timing at Peak torque is 19
Timing at Peak Power is 27

Here ya go:

Torque compared to stock:

GT-500 at same boost :

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