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Parts list to install a ZL1 LSA supercharger on an LS3/L99 Camaro

**********Under construction*************************
Idiotís guide to purchasing and installing a ZL1 LSA supercharger to your SS Camaro.
Chapter 1. Material list
Chapter 2. Installation tips and wiring guide
Chapter 3. Tuning and post installation experiences.
I have done a bunch of research and sourced some great vendors to buy from.
They are all great vendors but they do not give GM part numbers until after purchase. This prevents you from easily price shopping the various vendors. A great resource to find said part numbers
Here is a list of some of the parts needed
Supercharger with bypass 19257754 $1627.28
ZL1 Supercharger lid 12622236 $257.01
cooler insulator 12612467 $12.72
Fuel Rail 12605222 $236.10
LSA/LS9 Fuel Injectors 12598646 $396.16 new, found used for $225
EVAP solenoid 12639188 $22.48
intake manifold bolts (10) 11588718 $0.50
ZL1 Engine beauty cover 12639443 $56.04
Engine beauty cover studs (4) 11588406 $2.83
Crank Pulley (aka balancer) 12603916 $134.58 new, found used $50
Crank pulley bolt 11570046 $3.54
Crankshaft friction washer 12603843 $10.95 Lingenfelter (not sure if needed)
Front accessory drive kit 19243525 $889.95 paceperformance
AC compressor 22798907 $353.66 (list)
AC compressor mount 12622243 $65.18 (list)
AC Belt 12622244 $21.05 (list)
LSA/corvette LS3 Water Pump 19180610 (found on ebay $115)
Water pump gasket 12630223 $4.33
Supercharger intercooler radiator 22879421 $121.74
*LSA intercooler pump 20945282 $237.66
*Front Hose kit 22962566 $70.43
*I do not recommend OEM unit, it is a nice piece but it is expensive and a little tricky to wire/install. Aftermarket pumps are much cheaper.
ZL1 fuel pump ~$250
ZL1 Cold air intake $450
Custom tune
L99 add
Front timing cover kit L200010106 $140 Lingenfelter
Timing chain SD3SR602 ~$50
Valley plate and gasket? 12599296, 12610141
I have a spreadsheet with more notes and part numbers will finish populating this post later.
All said and done budget $6000 for an LS3 and $8000 for a L99 ZL1 supercharger add. For a L99 I also recommend upgrading to a LS9 cam at the same time as you add the supercharger along with the required fuel pump upgrade and cold air intake.

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