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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
Aintgonnahappen.....LOL.....till the next Gen, drop the ZL1 because there will be no LSA to stick in it, no 7.OL on the horizon, come on guys, think? Where's the motor selection? Now ponder this, keep the Z/28, and put the LT4 S/C in it? Who you wanna dance with ??? Wheres the motor selection to fit your bills? You wanna ZL1 and a Z/28, how is that gonna happen...motor wise... Like I said before, we are not gonna know anything until they announce what and if they will have a ZO6 and ZR1, and what the powerplants will be.

That's the road block to the Z/28. If a S/C engine was acceptable in the Z/28 we would be driving an LSA powered Z/28. Even GM knows that wouldn't represent the Z/28 as it was in the first gen and renamed the car. Is the ZL1 an awesome machine? Yes, it is. Is it a Z/28? IMO, no it isn't. GM can't build 3 engines to power all the various performance cars across all its brands without pissing someone off. They can't build 20 different engines to power all the various cars. Either they build it and tell everyone to take it or leave it, or they drop some of the performance trim levels to make it work as best as possible.
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