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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
Because its GMs answer to all other performance cars from around the world. The Base corvette is a great performance car. the Z06 is even better, but when put up against the best cars in the world the Corvette still needed more. So they built the ZR1, to showcase what GM is capable of. Then that performance trickles down the GM pipeline into other models. GM wanted to be able to build a world beater in performance, what better car in the stable than the Corvette to do it with. Thats why the Corvette gets a ZR1 and Z06.

With all the LS7 talk out there, it does seem that a Z28 is possible in the 5th gen, But I don't see where it fits in with teh current gen 5 line up.

It has to be faster than the SS and 1LE around the track, but cant be faster than the ZL1. The ZL1 is supposed to be the top of the line ultimate Camaro, if the Z28 comes in cheaper, and offers better performance, more people would buy the Z28 than the ZL1
The ZL1 would still be faster in a straight line but it would be similar to the Z06/ZR1 situation where the Z06 is about as fast as the ZR1 around a track.
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