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Originally Posted by ChadG View Post
Might have to try out that Optimum Car Wash next time I order, still have a gallon of Adam's left.

A few extra questions:

Is that Wookie mitt any different than Adam's Murino Wash mitt?

You're so right about the Iron X, it literally smells like a bucket of zombie a-holes!

Isn't that GTechniq glass sealant the one that you said was really hard to apply?
I'm not sure actually. I used to have an Adams wool mitt but I'll refrain from judging because I can't really remember. I'd need them side by side, but my guess is they're pretty similar.

And yes, the G1 is an absolute beast to apply your first time. Huge learning curve but so worth it. I was an early adopter so the IPA tip wasn't around when I applied. Would've made it much easier.

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