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Originally Posted by nyrfan View Post
Holy crap they had your car for 4 days? I seem to notice it more when the car is 1st started but like I said not all the time, today there was no smell at all. What do you think it smells like? Sometimes I think it's an exhaust smell but sometimes it almost smells like a burning smell.

Also you should add the word "smell" to your topic title as that may get more people with the issue to reply. I also don't think its and AC issue as it happens with the AC off, it has to be some kind of ventilation issue.

The strange thing is I have a weird sound when starting and someone mentioned the compressor, I wonder if the 2 are tied together? Maybe the compressor is doing something funny at startup that is creating a buring smell.

I'm glad you posted this so I know I'm not the only one. I'm betting there will be others.
I've only noticed exhaust smell so far and it only occurs when I'm driving in traffic. Although I've noticed a weird sound when I get the engine started, I couldn't confirm if both issues are related. It doesn't matter if I have the AC on, or just the fan running in cool or heater mode. Most of the driving I do is on the highway, so I don't experience bumper to bumper conditions very often; that may be the reason why is so random.
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