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Black Beauty's first drag race. Music City Raceway 1/8th mile Oct. 15 2011

The first of October 2011 we installed six mods

Terminator carbon fiber hood VIS Motorsports
Lower T-Rex Grille
Red interior Led lighting
Chrome fog light bezels
Chrome reverse light bezels
One off custom made stainless steel under hood inserts 5 pc set the center piece not completed at time of these pics.

The night my father, & I raced as one.

Inaugural Music City Camaro Fest was held at the same racetrack I grew up at. I would watch my father drag race there in the early 80's, and dream of racing there one day myself. On Oct. 15th that dream would come true. As I rolled onto the grounds one of my dad's old racing buddies was standing by an old tree, and waved to me. I hadn't seen him in years but he recognized me. When I saw him it was as if I had come back home. I had brought one of my fathers pictures in his racecar to ride shotgun with me that day. I felt with him riding shotgun I could do no wrong. I'd be dragracing for the first time in my life. I was extremely nervous when I pulled onto the track, but as I staged I could hear my fathers voice tell me what to do. As my first pass ended I could feel him in the car with me. When the race started we won round after round. everyone else was struggling to get traction but Black Beauty bit and was gone it was as if she had someone hold her to that track. The final round was one I'll remember for the rest of my life. I was racing one of my closest friends. It was way past dark at this point, and as I was about to stage, I looked over to the passenger seat at my fathers picture as I had done all day, but as I turned, for a split second I saw my father sitting in that passenger seat looking back at me, and then realized it was my own reflection off the glass & I had aged into my father's image. Everything went quiet as I staged. I didn't see the crowd. I only saw the christmas tree and watched the lights come down everything was going in slow motion. The car next to me got the jump on me, but as he shifted into 2nd, I was running him down, and when he shifted into 3rd, I was beside him as he shifted into 4th, I pulled ahead. I crossed the beam, and saw my win light come on. As we slowed my friend Bryan Sparks, pulled up beside me pointed to me, and gave me the thumbs up. That was one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in my entire life, and one I'll never forget, as I looked back over I saw my fathers image fade away into the night. I took my fathers picture along with my wife to the winners area, and had our winners picture made at the same place my father had so many years ago. The same night we also won the BEST OF SHOW award. That night was destiny. I hope you enjoy these pics. especially since that night honored my father. James Allen Mayes
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