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4th phase begins Dec. 1, 2011- end of January 2012 in preparation for upcoming season

Black Beauty is in the air in the garage for the next two months as we clean the entire undercarriage, and bottom of engine.

The under side is hand painted with Por 15 Gloss Black chip resistant paint.
30 hours to complete this.

Cross Brace, transmission pan, painted with Por 15 Chevrolet red high temp engine paint. Once dry it gives the appearance of being sprayed on, or powdered coated.

Next step was to clean, and hand paint the engine itself in the car, painting every area I could get to laying on my back, or leaning over the front end using 15 different size hobby paint brushes, extensions, and mirrors, using Por 15 Chevrolet red high temp paint. This is a long, and tedious process, and something I wanted to do to set Black Beauty apart from the crowd, and give her that old school look.
length of time to complete 15 hours first coat, 8 hours second coat.

Installed final piece of of under hood stainless steel insert.
Installed Carid stainless steel firewall.
Painted engine compartment gloss black
carbon fiber deck lid
carbon fiber retro 5th gen rear spoiler from extreme motorsports
chrome door latch
cut, and trimmed the factory door sill plate to fit the front of the sub frame underneath front of motor and glued down
carbon fiber racing pedals
installed small camaro lettering on backside of third brake light
painted SS emblem on steering wheel red
dyed SS emblem on headrests red
Installed all red various mode LED lighting underside of hood,around perimeter of engine compartment,behind the upper, and lower grille areas, hood vents, wheel wells, exhaust port openings, inside trunk, and foot wells.
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