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worst advice ever.. sending as a Gift or Payment Owed.. The buyer and seller lose all protection over a 3.5% fee.

3.5% yup $3.50 on every hundred bucks.. it's such a massive fee to protect your ass. Bet you waste more than that on Lotto Tickets, Fast Food, or lost change in your seat cushions.

that 3.5% fee is no different than any clearing house charges for a credit card transaction. Every brick and mortar store you walk into and use a credit card for gets charged that fee for the privledge of allowing them to take that credit card and have a third party collect the funds.

It's the fee for using their services.

Bitch and moan all you want, it's there for the protection of the buyer and the seller.. I did over $5,000 in seller transaction thru paypal last year, and I paid my fees and I was protected for buyers that want to screw you over and claim B.S. like they never received the package, and tracking clearly shows they did.

Receiving as a gift paypal finds in their favor and as a seller I lose the money and the product..

People send me money as a gift for goods and I refund it back, I tell them up front not to do it, send as a payment.. It allows me to ship thru paypal for tracking AND protects me when they decided to be thieving losers. Plus it is tax deductible as a business expense.

Oh and BTW the fee is still there sending as a gift, the sender pays it, not the receiver.. so you aren't saving anything.. PayPal will get their money one way or another. But the receiver (seller) gets screwed.
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