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Originally Posted by CamaroDreams07 View Post
I wish I had taken pictures of this Suburban that I did a full interior detail on when I was still cutting my teeth in this business. I was a little hesitant to throw out a "big number" so I lowballed it to make sure I didn't insult the customer. NEVER AGAIN. I probably spent 8 hours and a gallon of your carpet cleaner doing the entire thing by hand (had no carpet shampooer, just a brush and elbow grease). What a nightmare

Now I'm like you- I charge a lot and if they decline, well, I don't have to do it . Either way, I'm fine with it.

And yeah, the next time I find myself with an extra $278,000 lying around, I'm buying one. Should be no problem
Here's a nasty SuperDuty I did last fall...



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