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Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
Question for the second gen fans...

Has anyone found an aftermarket front fender brand that fits real good? I'm helping a friend restore a '72 split bumper. And he has bought two different sets of aftermarket front fenders. Both fit like crap at the top corner by the door/windshield, and the fender to door gap is horrible.

We know the doors are adjusted perfectly. Can put the OE fenders back on and perfect the gaps. But they are rotted out at the bottom.

He is thinking now of cutting the bottoms off the the aftermarket fenders and trying to weld them in as patch panels ... going back with the OE fenders patched up just to get back to perfect gaps.

But, we rather just try to find a decent set of new front fenders. Any ideas of sheet metal brands that will fit like OE on the early 2nd gens?
All aftermarket fenders or hoods are JUNK... i would patch panel it first
I have a metal hood on my car and its dented up BAD and some of the waves are from just it settling.. When i go to paint it again im putting on a firberglass
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