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Originally Posted by xjer22x View Post
My kit is 100% custom.

Meaning that I did not buy a pre-made kit and just bolt it on. It was all completely fabricated, fitted, and mounted by my buddy and now sponsor of my car.

I would agree with an earlier post that I probably paid 1/2 to even less than what a pre made kit would cost to purchase, be installed and tuned.

The things you have to consider are...

*the downtime( because we did all the bending, welding, and designing it takes a lot longer)

*Labor (which is where most of the cost really comes from)

Things you pay for are convinience for just being able to bolt on with minimal downtime and all the time it took fabricate the kit in the first place. I can tell you that even with a basic design it can take weeks sometimes month to bring it all together to make sure its perfect. So that's where its up to you. I had another mode of transportation so I was able and willing to not drive my car during the frabrication stage. It was hard but saved me a ton of money.

Just my 2cents. I enjoy being involved with the complete building process.

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Sorry man, I was out of pocket for a while and didn't respond.... This is exactly what I'm looking for! I had a buddy that used to buy diesel turbos and modify the waste gate, and throw them on all kinds of cars. Your threads are very helpful!
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