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Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
I know I may be preaching to the choir, however cylinder deactivation is crap in my opinion, sorry to say, and should have an on/off switch inside the car if it is in the new Camaro. I definitely want it sounding like a muscle car and not a Nissan 350z... How much more fuel efficient would this cylinder deactivating engine be over using all four cylinders? If it is only 5%-10% better on gas mileage, then it isn't worth having it on when driving around a parking lot where I want the car sounding as tough as a Mustang for example... If we ever have a hybrid Camaro engine that was silent when driving around a parking lot, you cannot call that an American muscle car by any means as well.
With all do repect to you, do you know how cylinder deactivation works? It does not sound as though you do, which, is actually good IMO. I say it's good because once you find out exactly how the system works, you'd be suprised to know that the "sound" you are referring to WILL be there. AFM won't kick in while driving around in parking lots. You want the loud rumble? It'll be there. You want to floor it and have everyone look at you? It'll happen.
Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
My main gripe about all this boils down to how loud the v8 should sound. The rumble the car makes when you turn the ignition. Japanese cars engines don't vibrate and they whine instead of growl. American cars do. If you are worried about mileage, get a V6 in my opinion.
You won't be running on only 4 cylinders at start up or idle. It cuts off 4 of the 8 cylinders at hwy speeds (and a lil' slower) to save fuel. I've driven veh's w/ this before and you CAN'T tell the difference. If you want a loud V8 rumble, you will get it. If you want it louder, go buy an aftermarket exhaust. I want all the fuel saving crap GM can put in this car AND, AND....I still want to get 30 mpg's. With the way gas prices are going, I'd say the majority of folks here would like the same. Give it a chance. I'm sure it'll work out just fine. If not, aftermarket exhaust.
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