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Originally Posted by IPSjeff View Post
If the goal is 1000+rwhp I would go twins all day. You can get there on pump gas and a 110% street car on relatively low boost (16-17psi).

Being able to adjust from 3-different boost settings (So the car isn't always in "Race" mode) is a nice bonus

Splash in race gas and turn up the boost into the low 20's and make 1200+rwhp or pull it back to 10psi and roll around on "Only" 700rwhp.
+1 I'm not in that league (1,000 whp), but I run 3 different boost settings, from 620 whp street to 760 whp by just flipping a switch, I've been driving my tt for over 3 years now, turbos have never been an issue......just make sure it's a well designed system and use good reputable brands which looks like your builder is already doing
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