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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
Just drove down to Ft Worth to my shop SNL Performance. They have done 95% of my car so far....outstanding shop BTW!

Had to pick up my broken LS3 and aeromotive eliminator pump, speed controller, and my old LPE dual pump setup as well as a other miscellaneous odds and ends. This motor with SNL V3 cam will be built and go into my '83 K10 4x4 eventually

Anyway, Steve the owner and Dustin the lead tech talked me into a custom Twin Precision Turbo 6766 setup.

Im running the little D1sc on this big breathing HKE LSX427 with Mast LS7 6 bolt heads and its over tasked and major slip at 5300 rpm.

So my options are F1r with big race intercooler, new tubing and BOV or twin 6766 turbos custom built.

SNL will custom fabricate this system for a pretty good deal since my car has pretty much been built by these guys.

Car is almost 100% street car and will see the 2.5 mile road course a few times a year....probably never will see the 1/4 or 1/8.

Not a daily driver, just a nice retirement present... The 700rwhp now is insane but this motor is capable of so much more. Might as well get the most out of it.

So, F1R, F1X with race intercooler and new tubing or custom TT setup running twin PT6766

My goal is a good driving street car that joins the 1000rwhp club here on Camaro5. Read my sig line for mods so far.

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