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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
That unit is monstrous, bigger than the F1X. I really dont want to hack into my shock tower to get anything to fit. I have looked at this and was intrigued.
yea the V11 is what i was thinking from the first post. we have one coming our way to try and fit into a F body, a c6 and our drag car. These blowers are going to be CRAZY! your talking 1900 HP capable...

Im also trying to talk one of our YSI 2010 camaro builds into switching o this and letting us fab one in. the biggest thing looks like there will need to be a new bracket made to hold the blower, and the tower will need to be modified. RMCR send there blower back to Vortec and we will hopefully be getting that one in here soon and getting it to fit on a few cars and doing some testing! That would be the ultimate!

i have had 2 1000HP TT cars, and have 3 SC cars right now
one of those SC cars were a TT car, but now has a YSI. ........yet i am building a TT car also for me now. LOL. i love them BOTH and so will you with whichever decision you make.
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