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Originally Posted by Chris82xx View Post
Here's something to keep in mind when you make your decision, I loved twin turbos when I had my import, but what I love about a blower is popping the hood and just showing it off to people. If you're gonna do that with TT, you might as well bring a portable lift. It would be like pulling your pants down to show everyone your small dick. Just saying. That's the only downside I can see. Another thing you can think about is Vortech's new TI trim. It's said to be released soon, and is suppose to achieve 1000rwhp.
The TI trim has been out for 2ish months now it took the place of the T trim, the YSI is bigger (1200HP) and still street friendly. the Ysi would be the best route if you were going vortec. unless he wants to do a fab kit and do the V11.
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