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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
With all do repect to you, do you know how cylinder deactivation works? It does not sound as though you do, which, is actually good IMO. I say it's good because once you find out exactly how the system works, you'd be suprised to know that the "sound" you are referring to WILL be there. AFM won't kick in while driving around in parking lots. You want the loud rumble? It'll be there. You want to floor it and have everyone look at you? It'll happen.

You won't be running on only 4 cylinders at start up or idle. It cuts off 4 of the 8 cylinders at hwy speeds (and a lil' slower) to save fuel. I've driven veh's w/ this before and you CAN'T tell the difference. If you want a loud V8 rumble, you will get it. If you want it louder, go buy an aftermarket exhaust. I want all the fuel saving crap GM can put in this car AND, AND....I still want to get 30 mpg's. With the way gas prices are going, I'd say the majority of folks here would like the same. Give it a chance. I'm sure it'll work out just fine. If not, aftermarket exhaust.
I'm getting more optimistic with what you are telling me about the rumble and sound of the engine. I will never put a larger aftermarket exhaust by the way to make it sound louder. I'll settle with the stock sound. I will give it a chance definitely and will be buying a Camaro for sure if I am lucky enough on day one. My name is already on the number one spot in line with all the dealers in my area and I'll be able to pick the one offering me the best price. If something happens to my car from now until then, I will consider a Challenger RT 6 speed manual transmission where the Multi-Displacement System (cylinder deactivation) is turned off. Rumors of a 7.0 Liter Hemi engine in the 2010 Challenger with over 600HP and in the same price range of the current SRT8 also interests me. I'll probably end up buying both since my wife's Pontiac G6 is getting on in age and she likes the way the Challenger looks. Furthermore she loves the amount of room in the back seat and trunk. We definitely can afford both of these cars at their highest price level, but I might settle with the middle range vehicles on both or one to save some money. I'll probably end up getting the very first Camaro I can get which will probably be simply a fully loaded V8 since I probably can't wait for the top of the line SS/Z28 to come later..

I have two questions... When you are trying to break in the new car, how does cylinder deactivation affect the piston ring sealing since that is also a careful task that needs to be done early on? My other worry about cylinder deactivation is whether or not the wear and tear of both sides of the engine not occurring evenly will cause problems in the future with the engine? Thanks
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