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Originally Posted by mr_honez View Post
Those videos are crazy. No wheel should do that, especially new $8,000 wheels. I've seen super cheap Chinese wheels that were truer than that. Can't comment on the their reliability, but they actually felt good on the car and balanced right.
And the shops that I took my Savinis to agreed. Even let me borrow a cheap set that he said I could HAVE for 800.00 MOUNTED and BALANCED. And they rode smooth.

Savini butt ****ed me and I'll gaurantee they do it to others. Most people put them on cars that they barely drive or just show. The rest get lucky or don't know the difference.

I've heard people tell me that 22 inch and up will just vibrate like that.

By the way, Savini told me that these wheels were within acceptable tolerances.

Worst thieving company I've ever dealt with. Bunch of crooks.
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