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Originally Posted by Blueclyde View Post
This is a Camaro site, so that's usually the main topic. There is a "Camaro vs" thread for comparisons to other makes.
I realize that, but there have been several mentions of the Boss Mustang in this competion to the Z28 (or 1LE). So as long as we are speculating about the Z28 (and its competition) then some should be aware of a budget Challenger. I for one like the idea of a less expensive (and possibly lighter) LS7 powered Camaro. I think getting the weight down below 3800 lbs with an LS7 would sell like hotcakes. In the "other makes " section there is mention of the Core Challenger SRT. I just thought people interested in an LS7 Z28(as I am) would like to know about the competition.
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