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If a car with an X code is a true RS 350, it would be an X11.

As far as value, I think it would all matter who the buyer is/was. Some people start to question everything on a car if they see one thing changed. That would apply to someone who looks closely at "numbers" and wants a car to "be what it is supposed to be"... Other people are more into looks and pro-touring. They could care less about numbers and originality. So, one can usually find the "right" buyer if they are patient enough...

Personally, I would have just waited until I found the car I really wanted. Man, I am still drooling over a '68 Z/28 RS in Sequoia Green that I saw for sale. I think it can still be had (no longer listed). But was still very depressed when I didn't see the listing anymore even though there is no way I can afford it... lol

In the end, it's your car and you can do whatever you feel like doing....
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Drooling over the ZL1s. It will be my next car if I can manage to pull it off...
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