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Dear federal government, please never let the current LX platform spawn another model with the exact same blank, flat, plastic interior design we've seen since the 300C first rolled off the Brampton assembly line in 2004. The seats however, and rear room, are divine. Your taxpaying friend, Ray.
And I hardly see this as import bias. Those claiming that just don't want to hear about legitimate criticisms of their car. The Camaro isn't perfect. Deal with it. Accept it. They still liked it, so let it go. Yes, out in the rest of the automotive world there is more to life than blasting down the quarter mile and cruising down a flat, straight Main Street. Good automotive journalists will reflect that.

And yes, the weight is being brought up because the weight is a big problem. It hurts acceleration, handling, steering feel, braking, fuel economy, and transitioning. The related bulk of the car also hurts visibility, nimbleness, and every-day usability and parking ease. Amazing how many aspects of the car can be fixed by giving it reasonable weight. A mid-size sporty coupe in 2009 should not weight 3,900 lbs. It is as simple as that.

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Interesting, I've always thought they hated the Camaro, with as much as they love bashing it...
Correction: one reviewer on their staff hated it, and the second opinion largely opposed his negative one. It was specifically stated in their original Camaro review that the extreme negative opinion was the minority on their staff.
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